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Sumbra, a Big Wall in Apuan Alps

Between Apuan legends and religiosity
Sumbra, a Big Wall in Apuan Alps

Orario & Sede

Orario da definire
monte Sumbra, monte Sumbra, 55030 Vagli sotto LU, Italia


 Panoramic terrace on the Apuan Alps, among the Wurmian glaciers, marble quarries and the religiousness of the Garfagnini. Great adventure and great breath for this classic Apuana !!!

Technical info Difference in altitude: approximately + 650 m Distance: about 10 km Difficulty: EE Duration: 5 h excluding stops What to bring and how to dress: trekking shoes, rain jacket, hat, 1L water, sunglasses, useful sticks, recommended camera and binoculars Dizziness is recommended.

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